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Exhibition in the Slovak Radio Gallery

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The painter Michal Papánek is an autodidact, but he makes his living as a freelance artist. His paintings are full of passion for art and exploration. The light painting style is quite balanced and the perception of colour is very sensitive and pleasing to the eye. His current exhibition at the Slovak Radio Gallery can be viewed until 22.12.2017.

Michal Papánek graduated from secondary school in design. Later he studied theatre management at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. But he did not find himself in it. "I've had a relationship with art since early childhood," Michal revealed. "Even then I was aware of its considerable influence and intense impact on my peculiar perception of my surroundings and my own life," he adds.

The strong desire to do what he enjoys and to fulfill the reality of life becomes more real with the passage of time. Michal Papánek creates with brushes, spatula and a wide range of tools for finishing details from relief pastes to textured bases. "I try to incorporate materials that I perceive in integrity with the project of the work," reveals.

I create for people and their feelings!

The painter brings to the painting his own view of its interior, while exploring the coexistence of colours and their flexibility on a bounded canvas. In some works you will find hidden messages or messages.In others, the simplicity of the phenomenon of the moment in which the work was created. The subjects of Michal's paintings are diverse.

"I create for people and their feelings, which I also transfer to the canvas according to their requirements. The canvas, the muse and my relationship with art is my mission and I have been doing it for 10 years," says Michal.

Another interesting feature of Michal's work is the opportunity to take an active part in the production of the ordered work your own contribution and adding your hand to the work. Everyone can have a work of art at home that they have contributed to themselves.