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Towards Art 2018

Where there was there was, it happened that on one New Year's Day I was ready to tell a story after my morning coffee. At the very least, a story came into my life. Actually, I don't even know at this point exactly what it should be about. But the feeling of revealing something to you about my creation and the way to it, about stories from behind the scenes and a few whimsical trifles ...about what should come and the new year, about night owls and tender joys did not let me put that feeling behind me

Such an ordinary day. I woke up in the studio. I sleep here about 5 times a week. With my artistic soul, I need to breathe with this space. To be in tune with it.

And even though the darker side of things affects me, and occasionally submarine studio sickness emerges from a darker corner, I fight back. I have specific tools for the battle to keep the loneliness from swallowing me up. Basically, I'm an extremely social extrovert living in the twilight of my own nature at the expense of my talent. But the conveniences of the times help me. I run the internet, online TV on my laptop, and the radio under the window. Hooray, I'm not alone here. The underscore is a gift. I've had my coffee and I'm looking for my muse. The new year is here and who knows. I can feel the changes coming. Somehow they made themselves known last year and have intruded into this one with the promise of reality and realness. And whatever they may be and change the aura of my being, I will find a way to continue the meritorious work of being an artist. I enjoy it at times. I don't. Sometimes I'm a depressive pessimist and sometimes a naive dreamer, sometimes lost in space and sometimes dreamy on the ground. I'm like the changing weather that can't be controlled . I like a little bit of everything.

I like change and challenges. 2018 will definitely be like that. Different than other years and at least it will move me somewhere. My story started a long time ago and its path is uncertain. But I have chosen it. Because I love painting and my freedom. You can hear the 80's on the radio and I slowly make my way to the canvas that is lounging on the easel like some puppet that needs dressing. I don't have a costume, but I have brushes and paints. I have time and inclination. And I have the will to create and to realize myself in the next twelve months of 2018. It's drizzly outside. Fog is falling and although I can't see the magic of winter through the window only a hazy imitation of the real winter season, I can already see the original on the canvas. The one that might be knocking on your door. The one that might grab you by the heart. The one through which I leave something in this world. And who knows. Maybe the magician will come 

I wish you all a wonderful new year, successful in what you do, spectacular in your pride in yourselves, smiling on all sides and rich in experiences. May you thrive every day and that you don't even have to chase your shadow. And even with help. I look forward to it and although .... even if you are not empowered, may you have the strength to overcome even the toughest of nights