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About me

A few words

I was born in 1980 in Bratislava... 

this is how it went on

I graduated from a vocational school in design. Later I studied theatre management at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. But I didn't find myself in it, because from my early childhood I was much closer to fine arts. Even then I was aware of its considerable influence and intense impact on my own perception of my surroundings and my own life. The strong desire to do what I enjoy and fill my own reality with it becomes more real with the passage of time.

style and work

I create with brushes, spatula and a wide range of tools for finishing details from relief pastes to structured bases. I try to incorporate materials that I perceive with in integrity with the project of the work. I am exploring the magic of new types of metallic and neon acrylics. I bring my own insight to the paintings while exploring the coexistence of colors and their flexibility on a bounded canvas.


In some works you will find hidden messages or messages. In others, the simplicity of the phenomenon of the moment in which the work was created. The themes of the paintings are diverse. I create for people and their feelings, which I also transfer to the canvas according to their requirements. The canvas, the muse and my relationship with art is my mission and I have been living it for 10 years.


Currently I have a series of exhibitions under my belt and I am pushing myself in every area of my work. From larger studio spaces to an intense perception of new impulses and sales abroad ( Czech Republic, Germany, USA ). The goal for the future is for my paintings to become a financial investment for my clients at the same time.