Hello, my name is Michal

Discover the charm of my original images.

Material and technique of painting


I try different practices and adapt to unique and new technologies that bring time. I’m making on canvas Maimeri Italian acrylic and I use various textured and embossed pastes and gels to achieve the most striking effect. Neon, phosphorus and metallic acrylic colors are also part of the creative repertoire. I also paint with brush and spatula technique.

Creativity of works of art

I paint creative insights from the surroundings and animated abstractions from the inside of my fantasy. During creation, I use different artifacts that keep me in my eye. I try to incorporate the works that I perceive in integrity with the work project. I can not help to control the canvas in any way, and bring it unique to the creations in the form of used components. Let yourself be tempted by the vision I bring to the screen. The work also flashes the moods and emotions that sometimes arise under the events of my personal life.

Inspiration comes from the inside.

Details of the work

Each image is signed and shipped with a certificate of authenticity. At the end, it is treated with acrylic lacquer to preserve colors. They are also painted and painted with hips and can be hung straight onto the wall without the use of a frame. He eventually chooses everyone by feeling and interior. The suspension system is supplied with a part.


1. Possibility to actively participate in creating the ordered work with own contribution and adding the hand to the work! 🙂 Just agree on a common term and you can become part of the creation of an image to which you have a relationship.