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“First, you need a heart-filled picture so your eyes can be full.” ..Karel Čapek

I believe in lemon juice, for a bit of space in the noise of the crowd, I believe it will cease to rain in the middle of summer … and that it will be better when I get carotene-beta! Occasionally I’m wet under my feet and I’m struggling with the underlying pallets … I paint the picture in the mood to serve good morals. And I struggle with this state, I gave my life painting for rent. This is a positive status about me, I make it at night and day … “The art of advancing is that we start.” – MARK TWAIN

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Maliar Michal Papánek is self-taught, but he is living as a freelance artist. His paintings are full of passion for art and discovery. The light painting style is fairly balanced and the perception of coloration is very sensitive and pleasant to the eye. It uses mostly a cold range of colors, in many cases almost monochrome, but often this monochrome is knowingly distorted by detail or a group of details, which then illuminates by color. The use of all possible shades of gray together with the violet is pleasantly old-fashioned, with an obvious reference to Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. It still meets the still-life, the landscape, and in the places of rustic color combining dark places, the whole work appears to be more balanced and in a deeper perspective. In some works, there are surealistic images of countries with special metaphorical links to the distant future, or almost esoteric other dimensions. Michal does not bother with geometric rules, painting according to the eye, and with more joy. It is mainly painted with acrylic, it also uses pasty techniques with a spatula, remanufactured and lacquer.

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About Me

I was born in 1980 in Bratislava.

I have finished the industry in the field of design. Later I studied theater management at VŠMU in Bratislava. However, I did not find it, because from my early childhood I was much closer to the fine arts. I was already aware of his considerable influence and intense intervention on my own perceptions of the environment and my own life. The strong desire to do what I enjoy and to fill my own reality is becoming more realistic with time.

I create with brushes, spatula, and wide range of tools to make details from embossing to structured substrates. I try to incorporate the materials I perceive with integrity with the project. I know the charm of new kinds of metallic and neon acrylics. I bring the image of my own view of my interior while examining the coexistence of colors and their flexibility on the bounded canvas.

In some works you will find hidden links or messages. In others, the simplicity of the phenomenon when the work was created. Paintings are varied. I create for people and their feelings, which I transfer to the canvas according to their requirements. The canvas, the muse and my relationship to art are my mission and have lived for 10 years.

At present, I have a series of exhibitions and I move in every creative area. From larger spaces of the studio through intensive perception and sales abroad (Czech Republic, Nemencko, USA).

The future is for my paintings to become my clients at the same time as a financial investment.


ATELIER : Trnavské Mýto 1, Bratislava

+421 904 399113


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